"MSHR's album Emergent Knot Traces is a recording of a generative analog feedback system between CMOS based modular synthesizers and incandescent light bulbs being modulated by light organs. The generative system was arranged and recorded during MSHR's residency at Signal Culture and the system is based on their installation series titled Knotted Gate Chat Cycle. The recording is made with no human intervention beyond the sytem's initial construction. The resulting recording is an artifact of the living system, crystalized on tape like a cross section of a hyper object." - Birch Cooper

Emergent Knot Traces



Your Balls Hit My Face

A_A:03 - F1k = "B2"

"This single take recording was the first of many recordings produced during a residency at EMS in Stockholm, Sweden in the winter of 2016. Confronted with jet lag and the sunless nordic winter, the recording reflects a subdued state of exhaustion and endurance in the form of minimal techno, allowing transitions to unfold slowly over the 32:42 piece. B2 was made using PAiA and Buchla synthesizers." -Reece Cox

F1k - B2


"If the piano, as Val Wilmer said so long ago about Cecil Taylor, is 88 tuned drums, Andrea Pensado plays 88 laptops in one. She uses a collection of digital modules that she built herself in the Max programming language. She likes triggers, and will control sounds with a voice headset, by swishing around a blank space on an ipad, by tilting her phone, or more likely all three at once. She's even built a ventriloquist doll that triggers sounds by opening it's mouth (it's creepy as fuck). Her setup is so extensive and so impressively intricate, she ought to sound clunky, like a person wearing a huge robot suit. Instead, she's viscerally direct. Solo, she's so loud that she's frequently fixed a stuffy nose in the crowd. In a group (Los Condenados, Phurnne), she magically never overpowers, easily seeping around and between the other performers. Andrea grew up studying classical piano in Argentina, went to college in first in La Plata and later in Krakow, Poland. And now, when she isn't freaking the shit out of adults, she lives in Salem, Massachusetts teaching piano to kids by day. Come nighttime, though, the fluidity she's learned from orchestral music stands in wild contrast to her sense of texture. Andrea's modules fritz out thumps and cracks that seem like a hundred oak branches breaking at not quite the same moment. Static scribbles over itself, interrupts and overtakes her vocal growls and sputters, and sometimes you'd swear the sound had morphed into a predator that's choking her in front of you.
These recordings play with hard stereo panning, setting her unmerciful Max modules against supple piano and voice, and it helps hint at the aspects of Andrea's performance that you would usually only notice live: Atlas-level strength, the relentless energy of a wood-chipper, and the plain joy at finding moments when you're not forced to qualify, edit, mitigate, pre-empt, prettify or gloss.
There's lots of nice musicians out there. Lots of cool guitars, loads of fun summer jams with streetwise lyrics. Nothing wrong with em.
But sometimes, things get messy and you wish you could electrocute yourself, get back to zero, chuck the whole thing. Andrea makes the music for that day." - Angela Sawyer

Andrea Pensado - Accepting the Path to Love

A_A:05 - Gunther Valentine - "Maine Redactions"

"Following tapes from labels like Primitive Languages, No Rent, and All Gone, Gxnt Valentine presents Redactions, a new twenty-six minute cruise through unease on his imprint Anathema Archive. A collage of organic and synthetic sounds, Redactions is hard to corral into one style, combing a bit of musique concrète, a bit of synthetic rhythm, and a serious amount of tension. Though most of the music was composed in the Northern woods of Maine, Gxnt heavily edited and altered it before finally recording it in the Summer of 2017. That Redactions’ mechanical, cybernetic sounds were planned in the forest is uncanny, but it’s a testament to the composition that such expectations get thwarted so readily, so easily." - Jordan Reyes

Gunther Valentine - Maine Redactions