"MSHR's album Emergent Knot Traces is a recording of a generative analog feedback system between CMOS based modular synthesizers and incandescent light bulbs being modulated by light organs. The generative system was arranged and recorded during MSHR's residency at Signal Culture and the system is based on their installation series titled Knotted Gate Chat Cycle. The recording is made with no human intervention beyond the sytem's initial construction. The resulting recording is an artifact of the living system, crystalized on tape like a cross section of a hyper object." - Birch Cooper

Emergent Knot Traces



Compilation curated by Keke Hunt with the following tracks:
Side A
1. Monica Noonan - The Choke
2. Pure.O - It Idiot (live excerpt)
3. Amanda Horowitz - Making of an Emotional Outlaw
4. Hard World Fashion - Wig
5. Sapphogeist - W_O_U
6. Just the Right Height - I Remember Being Beautiful
7. Turkey Road - Wood Fly
8, James K - Electra's
9. S.I.S.S.A. - Found Fragment 2012 (interlude)
10. Askesem - Dear Jodie
Side B
1. Pinky Rose - Why Should I Love You
2. Livia Charman - Him
3. Caley Feeney - Polisher
4. Bryan Edward Collins ft. Amanda Horowitz - Erasergirl
5. Gabi Losoncy - For Gene
6. Alex Chaves - The Plan
7. Marisa Takal - Song ft. Luna
Art by Alex Chaves

Your Balls Hit My Face

A_A:03 - F1k = "B2"

"This single take recording was the first of many recordings produced during a residency at EMS in Stockholm, Sweden in the winter of 2016. Confronted with jet lag and the sunless nordic winter, the recording reflects a subdued state of exhaustion and endurance in the form of minimal techno, allowing transitions to unfold slowly over the 32:42 piece. B2 was made using PAiA and Buchla synthesizers." -Reece Cox

F1k - B2