"If I were tasked to do album art for this that sorta summed it up, I would do a piece with charcoal on bright red paper, sort of depicting a train going through a tunnel: Not in a sexual way, but in plumes of exhaust and smoke obscuring all except the idea of heat, wheels churning in clatter and squeal. There are rhythms here, pulsing figures, early on, and while later on they’re less present the same sense remains. The rhythm seems tied to a LP’s rotation or the wheels of a cassette. The wheels churn, tunneling towards a destination unknown: Not hell exactly but somewhere feverish. I don’t know what processes made the sound but it is nonetheless speaks to itself as being the soundtrack to a process that suggests self-interrogation. That’s my take on "Clay Wings". "Judas" begins feeling like attempting to meditate or relax when you are panicking or have had a little too much coffee and so are very aware of the fluttering of your heart in your chest. After achieving calm, it’s free to parody the feelings of creeping nervousness, free of dread; and then to use any lingering bad feelings for the sake of catharsis."
- Brian Nicholson
Single sided c100

Church Shuttle - Mind Leash