"Cube is the only sonic shapeshifter working today through a supercollider of expert ventriloquism on this latest release. He tests your limits through fidelity and experimentation before giving you a chance to turn the crystal, hold your body to the sun, and change not only your own mind but also his very own several times over through a unique transcendence of memory and apparition.
Without losing his signature digital, lo-fidelity, force majeure, this release maintains some civility to the listener through an onslaught of tracks that remind one of nothing else, rhythmically, or otherwise. Side A merely gives one an olfactory of the aquiline and traceable upon first listen with tracks like "Male Ritual Sign," and "Have and Hold." As if being held under water yet still able to breathe, you become soporific. The rhythm is rarely on speaking terms with other elements of these compositions but it hardly matters. Each sliver allows the others to shine. Side B is the key to an aleatory 5 disc chamber of a lost tomb; a plasma of CD-R rot and flickering signage. Through these neon shadows, actual darkness awaits in tracks like "Mutual Thin Air," and "Tables," which reminds one equally of leaving the most modern airport that exists, only if it were designed by the creator of Minesweeper. The final track "Trouble in Eden," switches gears into a wild stick shift into the ether. Here you are still swimming but the water is now obsidian. There is a deeply troubling satisfaction that makes a bewildering recurrence possible upon each listen." - Alex Hampshire
** Made a misprint with the catalog number as the release being A_A:05 when it is actually A_A:06.

Cube - Wet Housing