“Opening with domestic activity overlaid with familial reverie, Havadine Stone combines sources both mundane and personal, arranging them with deceptive simplicity resembling silent film editing and creating a series of thoughts-within thoughts, partly-comprehended dreams, and time-halting Madelines of reminiscence. Sparse electronics scald the atmosphere like perfume while voices laugh and half-heard songs color the mind like slow prisms, creating new memories in spaces where none previously existed. Like life’s constant tumble against itself, side one radiates golden rays of remembrance while side two counters with the cold obsidian light of frustration. Flint rock shatters from the sound of a scream while we live inside a dream where a narrative so cold grips us, not even the cry of the outside world can pull us out of slumber. There is music here, but it’s the music of a loved one’s name, an unsure moment, or the blur of pre-wakened cognition. With this cassette, Havadine arranges sonic still-lifes that filter kind autobiography through unexpected textural and atmospheric qualities. A record as small, beautiful, and refined as a rice paper painting or a defiant retreat into memory.” - Christopher Sienko
Cover art by E. Saffronia Downing.

Havadine Stone - Fever Demorian Aphasia International