anathema mix - Reece Cox - No Love Dying

"When making a mix I typically aim to build a narrative arch. I'm not actually interested in telling a story, but rather outlining the shape of one through a string of pieces of music and audio, each with its own implication and expressive capacity. In this mix, the narrative was lost like a coughing engine, expelling great energy into nothing as the car rolls gently back down the hill. Although a destination has not been reached, a great drama has unfolded all the same. Many of these songs and samples have been very close to me in the last eight or nine months while struggling with mental health complications and difficulties amongst loved ones. I hope they fill up those listening as much as they have me." - Reece Cox

Eric Frye - Sheafifications (excerpt)
Emahoy Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou - The Homeless Wanderer
Apex Twin - QKThr
Duval Timothy - Through the Night
David Wojnarowicz - Excerpt from ‘No Alternative’
Graham Lambkin - Dumb Answer to Miracles
Harriet McClintock - Go To Sleep
Gregory Potter - No Love Dying
Harold Budd - Widows Charm
Graham Lambkin and Jason Lescalleet - Untitled
Reece Cox - Excerpt from Abstracts for 17 & 22
Jürg Frey - Extended Circular Music Nos. 2
Yasunao Tone - Lyrication for Flute
Accurate Media - Untitled
Kathleen Ferrier - Down By the Fally Gardens
Sandy Bull - 3-Gavotte No 2 Take 2